The lost elections of 2023; How Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) Rig Elections in Nigeria


The rig of the mind is back: TraderMoni, FarmerMoni, [you name it]my. This is what APC used to rewire the last election. Yes, within days of the election, the feds were crediting market women, farmers, etc. with money in a way that disadvantaged opposition parties, in a country where stomach infrastructure (food distribution) wins elections.

As another election looms, the special rigging infrastructure is back: “the Federal government says it has resumed payment of over N9.24 billion to 76,107 conditional cash transfer (CCT) beneficiaries across the six local government areas of Kebbi State. The program’s national coordinator, Halima Shehu, announced this during a courtesy visit to Governor Atiku Bagudu in Birnin Kebbi. They stopped payment in 2019 and now they want to resume!

Watch how they are expanding this across the country, accelerating it within days of the election. President Buhari surprised me in many ways. Who would have thought that this kind of thing would happen under his leadership? Yes, the timing of this money transfer is shameful in a democracy

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This is a pure institutionalized bribe for votes, distorting an organic balance for free and fair elections where the competence and abilities of candidates are assessed by voters. But it happens and they think it’s right in a democracy; very shameful for a nation.


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