Tampa Rapper Rublow Makes Cash Money Debut With “Blow Muzik”


Yesterday the East Tampa Bay rapper Rublow do his Cash registers debut with the release of his new single “Blow Muzik”.

‘Blow Muzik’ Returns A Sample Of The Rap Icon’s Must-Have Cash Money Records ‘Hustler Musik’ lil wayne, an influence cemented for Rublow. The official music video for the accompanying audio single premiered today via JamsBET and is available to watch below.

“Blow Muzik” faces the flair of the soon-to-be-known rising rapper, delivering a diaristic lyricism that rap fans of hip-hop’s golden age and today will champion. Its essence brings a sense of familiarity to sound while holding a flame to feelings of what’s new and coming in music with a fierce flow to match.

The Legitimate appearanceThe made video shows the Florida rapper on the streets of Tampa, providing insight into his surroundings growing up as he exemplifies his talent for unfiltered honesty through pen and film. He reflects on the trials, triumphs and testaments reflecting his truth, on the track produced by Tevin Revels, as he recounts his experience getting off the streets, staying guarded and preparing for his new tomorrow.

Rublow is now launching another chapter for his hometown of Tampa and Cash Money Records. He’s ready for a breakthrough as a contestant preparing more music for his first Cash Money release.

You can follow @Rublow_ on Instagram.

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