Square announces Cash App Pay for developers, supported by new APIs


Today at Square’s annual Developer and Partner Conference, the company announced a new developer tool that will provide developers with simplified access to Square’s updated payment experience. New Cash App Pay for Developers Uses Company Web Payments SDKs as well as two newly announced APIs.

The company’s product announcement describes the benefits of this new tool for developers by stating that:

“Cash App Pay extends the benefits of the new payment experience to Square’s developer and partner ecosystem through Square’s Web Payments SDK. Developers can now easily add the new Cash App Pay payment method to their Square-powered online checkout flow with just a few lines of code. This new The integration can reduce checkout friction for the 70 million annual active Cash app users in the US”

With this announcement, developers will now have access to new booking and payment APIs. Reservations APIs is now generally available and will allow developers to “create and manage reservations, look up staff member availability, send automated text and email reminders, and more with the API.”

However, the Checkout API is an updated version of an existing API, and its availability has been extended to include more countries.


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