Say goodbye to your ‘Cash App’ – LiQuid Ca $ h is here to disrupt the tech space


* There is a new money app in town and it’s disrupting the tech space – Cash, a digital payment lifestyle appt. Cash has developed a host of cutting-edge features, with a focus not only on digitizing the unbanked, but also creating a SR, FAST & FREE method to send and receive funds. Instant funds protected with perks like instant savings, the ability to pay anyone ANYWHERE, bill paying rewards, crypto withdrawals and much more!

Cash mission is to create one awesome app to help customers save money on every level. The app was created with the belief that everyone deserves access to financial freedom and global commerce. This new digital payment application offers convenience, flexibility and global accessibility to customers around the world.

Cash achieves these goals by partnering with banks, merchants, entertainment networks and many other major service providers to design exclusive member benefits. This creates a more competitive market that offers better options at lower cost for customers. Cash help drive innovation, inclusion and access across many industries.

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Liquid Cash (smartphone)

Connect the world with digital payments, mobile banking, deals, rewards, live entertainment, direct messaging and more. From your daily expenses to an exclusive shopping experience or simply privileged access to the hottest events, Cash has you covered by helping customers get the most for their money.

Cash Powered by iYap, is a financial technology company that offers a variety of services such as digital payments, crypto, mobile banking, transaction promotion and streaming entertainment within its super app. Based in Atlanta, GA, United States, it was founded in 2016 by Alvin Merrifield. Cash offers accounts with contactless payment, currency exchange, debit cards, virtual cards, in-app purchases, concert, sports and theater tickets, bill payment, local events, instant chat and more. Liquid Cash has expanded to new markets like the Caribbean to deliver a premium digital lifestyle that enables people to buy, send and pay quickly, securely and securely around the world.


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