NetSuite Cash 360 helps organizations effectively manage their cash flow


“Inadequate cash flow is the number one reason new businesses fail in the first five years, but despite being such a critical area, many businesses struggle to manage their cash due to poor visibility and an inability to accurately forecast,” said Gary Wiessinger, SVP of Product Management, Oracle NetSuite. “NetSuite Cash 360 turns a complex process into a simple one by giving customers everything they need to effectively manage cash flow to ensure they have the cash reserves needed to maintain day-to-day operations, pay employees and suppliers, fund sales and marketing efforts, pay down debt, acquire capital equipment, and make other long-term investments.”

Cash 360 is an automated solution built into NetSuite that improves forecasting accuracy and saves finance departments time by directly accessing NetSuite data. With Cash 360, NetSuite customers can take advantage of a simplified and accelerated cash flow forecasting process to give them greater confidence in their financial decision-making.

  • Finance management: A new dashboard that can monitor receivables, payables and free cash in real time to help customers improve cash flow visibility. Clients are able to review current cash flow trends and a rolling six-month cash flow forecast, to enable more informed decision-making.
  • Cash forecast: A new tool that helps customers develop more accurate forecasts by incorporating multiple data points – such as funding sources, planned expenses, sales forecasts and billing schedules – and applying historical averages to data from current AR and AP transactions to estimate recoveries and disbursements. The configurable solution allows customers to integrate one-time cash inflows and outflows, such as financings or capital investments, into the forecasting process, allowing them to project their cash flow needs and assess the position liquidity of their business.

The combination of Oracle NetSuite Cash 360 with other NetSuite features, such as billing automation, bank reconciliation, approval workflows and budget validation, provides businesses with increased accounting efficiency, better control cash inflows and outflows and greater flexibility when making financial decisions. For more information, read NetSuite’s latest blog.

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