National Cash Transfer: FG pays 10 billion naira to 1 million beneficiaries


NASSCO is a federal government agency with a mandate to establish the building blocks and provide targeted transfers and livelihood supports to extremely poor and vulnerable households in the country.

From the federal government money transfer program, each beneficiary received 5,000 N per month, but due to logistics we pay 10,000 N every two months and we have paid around one million beneficiaries across the country . ” he said.

Iorwa said that initially it started with 19 states from 2016 to 2017, then in 2018, with the loan from the World Bank, it expanded to 24 states and gradually covered all 36 states and the Territory of the federal capital.

According to him, the distribution depends on how the state governments are able to establish their social register in each of their states.

We are doing this through the World Bank’s five-year facility of $ 500 million.

“Abacha’s repatriated $ 325 million loot has been turned over to the National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO). We have a total projection of $ 822 million over five years ”, he said.

According to him, at present there are 35.2 million individuals from 8.2 million households on the social registry in 36 states and FCT.

He said of the 35 million people, about 49% of them were women and 51% were men, adding that 68% of them were illiterate.

He said the money transfer also helped send more children to school, as their parents were able to buy books and school uniforms.

Iorwa added that around 4.8 per rent, or 1.3 million people with disabilities, are benefiting from the program.

Mrs Ajia Agagbo, executive director of the Center for Health Education, Economic Rehabilitation and Social Security (CHEERS), an NGO, said the meeting was the project’s dashboard report for the past year.

Agagbo said the goal of the center is to provide independent monitoring information on the various processes implemented under the safety net program.

She said third party oversight (TPM) was one of the fundamental elements in promoting social investment and accountability in the context of any government or donor funded program.

She said the total beneficiary population sampled across the 19 states was 235,744 beneficiaries, which represented 50.9% of the overall payroll total for the cash transfer program.


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