How do I send bitcoins from to the Cash app?



  • Trying to deposit an unsupported token may result in lost tokens.
  • Send a small test amount first
  • Be careful when choosing the network you want to use for sending crypto

CashApp is not directly a crypto product, it is a general wallet for many financial features. is also a similar mobile app but only works in the crypto world. Today we are going to see how we can transfer our funds from to cash app.

First, let’s open our mobile app. At the bottom of our total balance, you’ll see “exchange” and “transfer” buttons. Click the transfer button to begin our withdrawal.

Transfer options will appear, in order to continue further you will need to click withdraw as we are now transferring money out of

Since we are transferring the crypto to the cash app, you will need to click on the crypto option here.

Here we have 4 options. users will allow you to send money from your funds to someone else’s account. The exchange is where you can trade crypto, it will send it from your wallet to your trading account. And finally, the defi wallet is the wallet where you can participate in the defi world provided by

However, we will withdraw to the cash app, which means we will click on the “external” wallet to continue.

To continue, you need to whitelist your deposit address on, otherwise you won’t be able to withdraw anything anywhere. Click the plus sign in the top right to begin adding your cash app address to your whitelist.

Select the wallet address option as we will send it to our wallet in the cash app.

Depending on the part we want to send, click on the part name. The Cash app receives bitcoins so we can choose bitcoins to start with.

After this step, we will go to the cash app to start getting our address.

Visit now


Open your cash app, and at the bottom you will see a bitcoin icon, click on it and you will be redirected.

Here on this screen you can either buy or sell your bitcoins or click on the icon to also receive bitcoins.

Here you will be presented with two options. You can send bitcoins from your cash app or you can receive them. Click on the “deposit bitcoins” option to get your address.

You can use the QR code or just copy the address if you want. You will also see the address at the top, you can use this to double check when pasting the address on

Back to

We can now go back to and paste the address to continue whitelisting our cash app address.

After pasting the address and verifying it again, you can confirm the wallet address and return to the send screen.

Returning to the Whitelist screen, you will now be able to see the Cash App address there as well. Click on it and you will be redirected to the amount page. Enter the amount you want to send, you can do it according to the number of coins or you can also do it according to the dollar amount.

The last thing you will see is the confirmation page. You’ll see the amount, address, room, and even the fee. Check everything and if they are all correct, you can confirm and transfer your funds.

When you are done, you will face the successful withdrawal screen. It means your job is done and all you have to do is wait.

Sending mobile app to mobile app can sometimes be a bit tricky. Instead of 2 tabs open on your browser, you will have two apps open on your screen. While it’s not too difficult, it’s also not easier. Be sure to keep both apps open during this time so you don’t have to restart and log in each time you switch between them.

It will take around 10-30 minutes for your transaction to complete. You can watch it from blockchain explorers if you want. If there is a problem, check whether it is sent or not, and depending on the result, you can contact and the cash app very quickly.

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