Gwyneth Paltrow Announces Bitcoin Giveaway Via Cash App Partnership


It seems Christmas has come early for Gwyneth Paltrow fans: the Hollywood star announced today that she’s giving away $500,000 in Bitcoin to Instagram and Twitter followers.

“I’ve long been optimistic about democratizing Bitcoin and making it easier to send to friends and family,” she said on Instagram, adding that offering the asset to fans was an attempt to “do something special for my social network”. community and empower them to learn more about cryptocurrency.”

It’s good. But Paltrow is actually working with Cash App to promote the payment platform’s new feature of sending $1 gifts in Bitcoin and stocks.

Fans just have to comment on Paltrow’s Instagram and Twitter posts and they’ll be randomly selected and awarded up to $100 in Bitcoin, according to Cash App.

Paltrow is the latest celebrity to take part in Cash App’s giveaway campaign, which kicked off in November. The app offers a total of $1 million in cryptocurrency. Last month, Green Bay Packers quarterback and three-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers announcement he donated bitcoin and received part of his salary in crypto.

Cash App is a popular mobile application that allows users to send money and buy Bitcoins. It is owned by Block, formerly Square, a payments company founded by Bitcoin enthusiast Jack Dorsey, who ran Twitter.

Last year, the company was one of the first to put bitcoin on its balance sheet— he now owns more than 8,000, worth around $377 million at today’s prices.

Those who want to earn Bitcoin have until January 14 to comment on Paltrow’s social media posts, according to Cash App.

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