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Tue 10 Aug 2021


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The government has promised stronger action against those responsible for illegal withdrawals discovered during the distribution of social cash transfers in several regions. Communication and Information Technology Minister Johnny G. Plate encouraged anyone with knowledge of illegal activity to report it immediately to local law enforcement or could also file the report with the application., which was initiated by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK)

“The social cash transfer program is designed to be distributed free of charge to the population. Thus, any illegal withdrawal must be resolutely resolved, ”said Johnny.

He insisted that beneficiaries should be able to receive all aid in cash and that there should be no compromise in this regard. People, he continued, deserved to be helped financially to alleviate their financial burdens caused by the pandemic.

Johnny added that the government has deployed law enforcement to monitor the entire process to minimize any illegal activity that may emerge.

Several regions have reported illegal withdrawals when distributing cash transfers. Among them, there was one made by Dodi, a resident of Cimanggis. reported that Dodi told reporters that the head of the neighborhood unit at his housing complex asked him to donate Rp400,000 out of the social cash transfer he received, with a total value of of 600,000 Rp.

The head of the neighborhood unit estimated that the part of the cash transfer would be distributed to other needy residents whose names were not registered as recipients of social cash transfers. Dody refused to give his share of the money transfer because he considered the cut to be far too important.

Reacting to his refusal, the head of the neighborhood unit then threatened Dody that he would not provide any help in the future, especially with regard to social assistance programs. He even described Dodi as selfish.

Commenting on this, the head of the community unit, Nurdin, said it was not an illegal harvest. He confirmed that all cash transfer recipients were asked to voluntarily donate a portion of their cash transfers to those whose names were not on the recipient list.

“The donation must be made voluntarily, without any coercion,” he said.

In his case, Nurdin continued, only 87 out of 185 people were registered as recipients of cash transfers. In response to this, he added, all relevant stakeholders met and agreed that part of the cash transfers should be allocated to other residents whose names were not on the list.

He suggested that what happened with Dodi was simply miscommunication.

“I’ll fix the problem,” he said.

Johnny said that an additional 5.9 million beneficiary families had been added to the list of recipients of social cash transfers, bringing the total to 15.9 million beneficiary families, at a cost of 24.5 trillion rupees. The distribution of cash transfers is made through PT Pos Indonesia.


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