Duo used Facebook and Cash App in alleged drug dealing


A couple used a Facebook account dubbed “Terpy Terp” and Cash App to run their drug business, Laredo police say.

Jorge Diaz-Pelcastre, 26, and Erika Celina Hale, 25, have been charged with manufacturing, delivering a controlled substance and possessing marijuana. Diaz-Pelcastre was also charged with possession of a controlled substance.

On September 16, the Laredo Police Department’s Narcotics and Vice Unit issued a “knock and announce” search warrant at an apartment in the 300 block of Bob Bullock Loop after a vehicle stop was made on Diaz-Pelcastre.

Officers had identified Diaz-Pelcastre as the man under investigation under the username “Terpy Terp” on Facebook. He allegedly distributed THC vapes and large amounts of hydro marijuana via Facebook.

Officers knocked on the front door to announce their presence. After a reasonable amount of time, police entered the apartment and encountered a woman identified as Hale. She was escorted outside so officers could conduct a search.

A search of the apartment revealed a large amount of THC vapers, 2.4 pounds of hydro-marijuana and 1.6 grams of cocaine, police said. Diaz-Pelcastre and Hale were taken to LPD headquarters for interviews.

“Erika (Hale) admitted to knowing that Jorge (Diaz-Pelcastre) was selling narcotics for about six months and that she would receive money through the use of her Cash app and in turn would send change to clients,” the affidavit of arrest reads. .


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