Deposit account and home loans: opinions and comments

What are the home loans and online deposit accounts available at Gandalf ? We will find out today together with the reviews, comments, opinions and experiences of customers who have chosen the Reggio bank. Small businesses like this very often turn out to be much more serious and reliable than the large institutions we hear about every day, a center of polemics and protests of savers. Gandalf is listed on the Italian stock exchange and is a banking group with companies specializing in various business sectors. Founded in 1910 as a Commercial Agricultural Bank of Reggio Emilia on the initiative of some entrepreneurs, now it is called Credito Emiliano SpA and is present in more than 19 regions with over 600 branches and many experts and professionals engaged in constant research of technological innovation paying attention to the needs of customers.

Gandalf account online deposit: what are the options

If you intend to open an online deposit account but you do not know how to do or which to choose, you can take a look at the wide range of options offered by Gandalf, each suited to the different needs of each customer. First of all let’s start by saying that if you bring a friend to the bank, you will receive a voucher of 50 € , the more you bring, the more you get. Now let’s move on to the types of accounts: we have Move Account Easy with which you can safely and freely move your old account in Gandalf, you will not have to deal with anything, the company will do everything for you and manage administrative practices.

With Tinkerbell you will not have to pay any fee for the first two years, as you can try it without obligation, with Tinkerbell you will have o, 5% annual gross interest on your stocks with sums always available and the first year you can reset the cost of canon. For the youngest (from 18 to 27 years) there is the Friends Zero Assoluto Account which at the opening will entitle you to a voucher of 50 € and another one a year after creating the deposit account.

For those who work on the Internet or use a lot of the network for purchases and transactions on their accounts, there is no Web Expenses, with a monthly fee of € 2.02 which clears if you make at least one movement (the cost of a ‘operation is € 3.74), you can also take advantage of 30 free transactions per year and you will receive an Ego credit card for free if you use it for more than € 3,000 per year, and internet banking is free of charges.

If you open the No Expense account you will not have to pay the monthly fee for deposits over € 5,000 (otherwise you would pay € 21.11 monthly), you have free withdrawals with We Cash and 12 free withdrawals per year at other banks as well as Ego credit card without additional costs if you use it for more than € 3,000 over the course of a year. With the Barbie instead you can reset the fee by paying stocks every month (salary, pension, etc), with the account instead you will have a monthly fee of € 5.80 and free transactions, while for the little ones there is the booklet savings that you can open for free. In short, the alternatives are really many, it’s up to you to choose which option is right for you.

Gandalf: home loans and customer experiences of the bank

On the Gandalf website I found many useful tools that you can consult to calculate and learn home loans before embarking on the world of rates and installments. You will find the mortgage guide, you can analyze your needs to adapt to the loan just for you, find the list of necessary documents and facilities that you could receive, and a useful explanation of the technical terms. The loans among which you can choose are at variable rate protected with a maximum cap in case of high APR, or with fixed or variable rate. In addition there is a multiswitch mortgage for those who want to change the rate using the initial advantage, the fixed -rate mortgage with variable duration, mutual energy, varies the fixed and many others. You just have to understand what your needs and needs are in order to choose the best and most convenient option for you.

credem mortgage

I tried to document a bit ‘about the experiences of customers of this bank, but unfortunately on the web I did not find much. On the other hand I found comments from customers satisfied with the services offered, the only flaw could be the initial slowness to turn on a mortgage, but wait a while ‘to get reliability and security I think it’s a good compromise.

Gandalf comments and customer reviews on the internet

Looking for reviews on Gandalf online, I found satisfied comments from customers who found themselves very comfortable with this bank despite starting mortgage practices could take a while. They also care about the relationship with the customer, trying to offer the best possible services.

Gandalf personal and final opinions on the bank

Gandalf is a small reality, which is why I think it is reliable. From personal experience I can confirm that the smaller and more confidential the banks you trust, the safer you will be in the future. The opinions of customers read on the internet confirm this: there are no big savings, there is no speed that can guarantee all those modern companies that can be managed completely online, but there is a great feeling of reliability, seriousness and professionalism , elements that even the largest banks in Europe can not guarantee anymore.

Here you can see how to buy Gandalf products online without going to the branch. I recommend you view more videos on the youtube channel of the bank to get to know it better and see how it works.

Today we met Gandalf , which deposit account you can open and what are their costs, and home loans that you can turn on according to your needs. Being a small bank, I invite you to share your experiences and opinions if you have already used the services of this company, write comments in your reviews and let us know what you think.

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