Current interest rate revolving credit and personal loan

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Calculate interest on revolving credit

Below you can compare the interest for the revolving credit with various lenders. Do not, however, blind yourself to the current interest rates that banks currently charge for a revolving credit. A characteristic of this consumer credit is the variable lending rate. A variable interest is always a snapshot. The interest is not fixed during the term but can vary monthly.

For example, you may be able to borrow at the lowest interest rate at the moment, but this may be different in a few baskets. Nevertheless, the amount of the loan interest on a revolving credit also depends on your personal situation. For example, lenders are aware of the income, your age, the housing costs and your assets (owner-occupied home / savings / investments).

Current interest rates through credit October 2017 (minimum interest)

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The current interest rate for the ongoing credit in October 2017 is a good indication of what money you borrow. Credit providers with whom you can borrow at the lowest interest rates, which often prove to be the cheapest provider in practice:

You borrow at …. ever since….

Nationale North – 4.50%
Depem – 4.60%
Vreo – 4.60%
Lintel – 4.70%

Calculate loan rate personal loan

You can find the current loan rates for the personal loan below. A personal loan is a loan with a fixed interest rate and term. You will not receive a credit limit but will receive the loan amount on your account in one go. Generally, the minimum borrowing rates for the personal loan are slightly higher than those of the revolving credit. But because interest rates are fixed, you can benefit from low interest rates in the future (particularly with a longer term).

Current interest rates personal loan October 2017 (minimum interest rate)

At the moment (17-10-2017), however, the personal loan is the cheapest in the comparison.

You borrow at …. ever since….

Depem – 4.10%
Vreo – 4.20%
Lintel – 4.30%
Phendeo – 4.30%