Cash app users: use cash card rounding to invest spare change in stocks and bitcoin


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Cash App users can now use Cash Card Round Ups to round up Cash Card transactions to the nearest dollar. This spare currency can be used to invest in your choice of stocks, ETFs or bitcoins with every purchase.

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After activating Round Ups, investments will be made automatically each time you make a payment card purchase. After the transaction, Cash App says processing and finalization may take one to three days. If there are not enough funds in your Cash App balance, there will be no rounding.

You will need a Cash Card to participate in Round Ups. You can order a payment card from the Payment Card tab. Once you have a Cash Card, here’s how to start investing:

  1. Open the Cash app and tap the Cash Card tab at the bottom of the home screen
  2. Select Round Ups and press Continue
  3. Select Stock or Bitcoin
  4. If you chose Stock, select a Stock to invest in
  5. Choose a crate pin
  6. Tap continue and confirm

If you invest in a stock or ETF, rounding is instantaneous during market hours. Outside of market hours, roundups will be aggregated into a larger order and placed when the market opens. If you invest in bitcoin, roundups are always instantaneous.

You can view your rounding amount on the rounding homepage in the Card tab or in your Investment or Bitcoin Wallet view. You can also switch between stocks or bitcoins from the Round Ups house in the Map tab. You can also disable Round Ups at any time.

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There are no fees with Round Ups for stocks or bitcoins. However, there may be a small government transaction fee if you sell stocks and a small fee for selling bitcoins. All charges will be shown on the transaction confirmation.

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