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Block, the parent company of popular mobile payment service Cash App, recently confirmed that Cash App suffered a data breach by a former employee. As a result, he informed over 8.2 million current and former US customers.

Previously known as “Square” and now as Block, the company shared this information from the SEC, although we only have a few details so far. The data breach took place in December 2021, and it appears that the breach included a wealth of personal information, but specific identifying information was not affected.

Reports suggest the ex-employee collected client names, brokerage account numbers, portfolio information, and even some stock trading activity. Basically, millions of customer names were potentially compromised. However, Block says passwords, usernames, and more sensitive information like social security numbers or bank details weren’t part of the breach.

Block said the person responsible for the Cash App data breach had access to this information for their professional liability. It should have been terminated immediately upon departure of the employee. Additionally, Block knows how the person accessed the data and immediately took steps to remedy the situation.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how many users had their data accessed, but Block confirmed that it contacted more than 8.2 million customers during the situation. The data breach only affects those in the United States.

Either way, we suggest all Cash App users to take precautions and to be on the safe side, update their passwords as soon as possible. If you’re not using a password manager yet, now would be a good time to start.

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