Cash App integrates the Bitcoin Lightning Network

  • Cash App has integrated the Lightning Network.
  • All users can now instantly send bitcoins around the world.
  • Spiral’s Lightning SDK boosts Cash App integration.

Users of Block’s Cash App mobile payment platform can now make instant, free bitcoin payments through Lightning Network, the company tweeted Monday.

The integration of Bitcoin’s second layer protocol for faster and cheaper transactions was made possible by the Lightning SDK, an open-source project developed by another Block-owned company, Spiral.

Spiral operates completely independently from its parent company, and Jack Dorsey, CEO of Block and ex-CEO of Twitter, also has little direct control over it. Instead, the self-managed group of developers, designers, and project managers work together to advance bitcoin adoption.

The Lightning Development Kit (LDK) is a flexible Lightning implementation for developers who want to integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network into their frictionless applications. It eliminates the complexities of Lightning, allowing developers to integrate the network more easily and quickly into their applications.

Jack Dorsey said in a fireside chat last week with Michael Saylor, CEO of software intelligence firm MicroStrategy, that Cash App’s integration of Lightning into Spiral’s work was one of the proudest of his career.

Lightning adoption has skyrocketed since El Salvador made bitcoin legal tender in September, prompting users to use the faster payment rails to buy their daily breakfast at McDonald’s or their morning coffee at Starbucks. Although critics say that Bitcoin cannot be used as a medium of exchange due to its slow base layer settlements, Lightning allows Bitcoin to handle the smallest of payments for little or no cost.

Now all Cash App users can also take advantage of Lightning to send small payments instantly and for free. However, it looks like Cash App can’t yet receive Lightning transactions itself – only send them.


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