Cash App Enables Bitcoin Lightning Payments for 40 Million Users

  • Cash App users can send and receive BTC payments through the Lightning Network.
  • Previously, the app could only send on-chain BTC payments.
  • Cash App has over 40 million users, six times the population of El Salvador.

Cash app users can now send and receive bitcoin payments instantly through the Lightning Network, according to an announcement from the company’s product manager, Michael Rihani.

The bitcoin transaction process through Cash App is simple. First, a user accesses the app, opens the “Money” tab, selects Bitcoin, and then a QR code or link will be generated allowing users to transact with other Lightning-enabled wallets.

Michael Rihani, Product Manager for <a class=Cash App on Twitter” decoding=”async” src=”” height=”674″ width=”1200″ srcset=”″ itemprop=”contentUrl url”/>

Michael Rihani, Product Manager for Cash App on Twitter

Currently, the feature is available in all of the United States except for New York State. So, as long as users interact with other Lightning wallets, Cash App users can choose to send or receive BTC from the app in the US, according to a statement by Rihani.

To use this new feature, users need to update to the latest version of the app, which is supported on both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

Moreover, Cash App has more than 40 million users. This means that 40 million users can now settle instant and round-trip payments in BTC, all while integrating with the Lightning Network.

Last February, Cash App announcement its initial integration with the Lightning Network. However, this feature only allowed users to send BTC to other Lightning wallets. Today’s announcement allowed users to receive BTC as well.

The company’s initial announcement was followed by a feature known as “Pay me in bitcoin“, which allowed Cash App users to convert their paychecks into BTC.


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