Beware of scams featuring an impostor business pretending to be a Cash app



Regina Smith used what she thought was Cash App, a popular mobile payment service, to deposit her paycheck directly.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – A Scottsdale nurse is still figuring out how to pay her bills after being scammed for $ 3,406 three months ago.

Regina Smith used what she thought was Cash App, a popular mobile payment service, to deposit her paycheck directly.

“With Cash App, you don’t need to have a bank to get direct deposit for your things, like your checks and the various things you want to charge.”

She had been using Cash App for some time without any issues, but recently got a new phone.

“I didn’t know how to connect my account to my new phone, so my son and I searched for it and saw a website for Cash App,” Smith explained.

The logo, color scheme, and even phone number appeared to be the same on the fake website they clicked on, but it wasn’t!

She noticed the website said Cash App Incorporated only after the crooks took the money from him.

“It’s written Cash App in real big letters and Inc. in small letters.”

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She scrolled down to the phone number on the fake website, and voila, those are the numbers for the real Cash App customer service line.

But, once you click on the number, a different phone number appears and begins to dial, leading you to an impostor customer service representative.

Smith said she gave the rep information like her account number, but nothing major like her Social Security.

“I said how do I get my money today? And he tried to explain to me that this is what you are going to do to get it today, you are going to get it today. “

The next thing she knew, the 3,406 dollars she was trying to deposit was a transfer to a random Wells Fargo account.

“I don’t have a Wells Fargo account! How is this related to my bank, I don’t have a bank! She exclaimed.

Jess Winters of Team 12 tried to call the imposters, but the line is now disconnected.

Smith has also exchanged countless messages with Cash App, the legitimate company. Representatives repeatedly told him that they could not stop or cancel the unauthorized transaction.

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“It’s all the same day, in less than an hour, I noticed the scam and they always said they couldn’t stop it even though it was still on hold.”

While she blames the crooks, she believes Cash App should take responsibility as well.

“I think Cash App is at fault because if I ask you to stop the transaction, if it’s my money, my account, then you stop the transaction.”

Smith said she was considering hiring a lawyer. In the meantime, here is his warning to others:

“My thing, please take a look at the small lines and ask {customer service} questions, because if you call {the real} Cash app they won’t say you need a third party.”

12 News contacted Cash App. A spokesperson said the company monitors Google and reports frauds and scams to the platform as it finds them.

You can also report any scams you see or come across in the app.

Click here for resources on how to spot a scam.

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