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Days after the Red Sox’s spring training began, bench coach Will Venable walked into the daily coaches reunion holding a gold-plated necklace in his hand. Hanging from the chain was a screaming pendant encrusted with shiny faux crystals. It was shaped like a dollar sign. Venable had bought it from Amazon for $ 12.99.

And he was about to have it worn by one of his colleagues.

“This channel,” he told them, “is the Cash Money Coach of the Day channel.

And a Red Sox staff member has worn it every day since.

It hangs around the neck of batting coach Tim Hyers and head athletic coach Brad Pearson and minor league coordinator Andy Fox. It was even worn by Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom.

“It’s just a really nice way for us – among the coaches, among the staff – to recognize each other for things that might not otherwise be recognized,” said Venable. “It’s just kind of (a way) on a personal level to say, ‘Hey, you helped me, you helped the players. I wanna give you just a little love, you know?

The idea came from when Venable was on the Cubs coaching staff, where hitting coach Anthony Iapoce had the same tradition. Iapoce’s chains, Venable said, were even more over the top, but Venable’s share an unmistakable touch of intentional absurdity.

“It’s that flashy dollar sign,” said pitching coach Dave Bush. “So, it’s terribly hard to miss.”

Hyers said: “You wear it all day, and the players are harassing you and swarming you.”

But the sense of the chain is impossible to miss, and that’s the point.

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