98% of cash transfer recipients are women – FG


The national coordinator of the National Social Safety Nets Coordination Office, Mr. Apera Iorwa, revealed that women represent 98 percent of recipients of monthly cash transfers of N5,000 to poor and vulnerable Nigerians.

He revealed it in an exclusive interview with The punch.

His agency, which reports to the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, coordinates the National Social Safety Net Program, which is designed to help tackle the problem of poverty in the country.

He said, “If you give the woman in the house money, you get food. We don’t decide for the family. The family will come together and decide who should be the beneficiary, who should collect the 5,000 N on behalf of the family. A good part of the family chooses the woman as beneficiary. About 98% of beneficiaries are women on behalf of their families.

He further gave examples of how women have used money to make a significant impact in their communities.

“In Imo State, we have women, who have contributed from this N5,000 to open a small leather bag factory, which supplies the leather products around the community and its environment. , creating jobs for their young people, which will help them either in making the products or selling them

“We have a success story in Kwara State where the government has now taken over primary school, where women decided to open a primary school by building a block of three rooms to prevent their children from walking 15 miles to go to school.

“We also heard about the story of the women in Jigawa State who collected the money and bought a N 350,000 car that helps them take women from their own village to the nearest hospital. , thereby reducing maternal and childbirth-related deaths, ”he said. noted.

He previously revealed that the federal government had paid about $ 300 million to the poor and vulnerable in its national social registry through cash transfers of 5,000 naira over four years.

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