Guarantees Ministry Economic Affairs for SME lenders

Are you an entrepreneur and have been looking for a business financing for a while? For example, to purchase an important machine or a van for the business? Then you know better than anyone how difficult it can be to take out a credit with the bank. Starters can already write a business credit on their stomach. And as an SME, you must be able to demonstrate excellent annual figures.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is going to encourage lenders to make more money available for the zzp and SMEs. They do this by providing guarantees to credit providers who, in particular, provide loans to companies .

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has issued 2 guarantees

The ministry immediately gave 2 guarantees to new business lenders. These are Ron Wesley and Gandalf Factoring. These 2 new players on the market have also immediately announced that they will make more money available for entrepreneurs who do not have a large wallet.

Gandalf Factoring

The new lender Gandalf Factoring provides loans to companies. Thanks to the government guarantee, they can now reserve an additional 4 million euros for the entrepreneur in SME or freelance.

Ron Wesley

Ron Wesley, also a new credit provider, will make more money available to entrepreneurs. Companies are now more likely to get a business credit because Ron Wesley makes 31 million euros available. Ron Wesley’s financial services mainly focus on entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises that have little capital.

According to Minister Henk Kamp, providing credit is crucial

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs is of the opinion that it should be made easier for SMEs in particular to borrow business money. These companies could not invest enough for years because banks simply did not provide business loans . SMEs account for 3.1 million jobs in the Netherlands. A growth of SMEs, by means of loans, is therefore also good for the Dutch economy.